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Swell Supper: French Popeye

“Oooo La La, this stew is French,” says my five and a half year-old daughter the other day. Channeling Fancy Nancy. Then she offers up this random refrain: “Mom, spinach makes Popeye strong so let’s get strong.” Popeye?  Get strong? Where does my kid pick this stuff up? Is Popeye even on TV anymore?  Well, if it gets her eating spinach then fine by me. So for our supper we’re doingVegetarian Cassoulet, Baked Spinach and Rice and for dessert we’re listening to Lisa Loeb’s Hello Lisa on the iPad (RIP Steve Jobs) while we cook Lisa Loeb’s Banana Layer Cake! She’s just the cutest and her Banana Layer cake is the yummiest!

Swell Supper: French PopeyeSwell Supper: French Popeye

Baked Spinach and Rice.                             I told you Lisa Loeb is adorable!

Get the recipes over at CookingWithMyKid.



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