Tropical Zodiac: The Best Tropical Food for the New Astrological Dates


Mango Pineapple eton messNew reports say that the astrological signs did not change as previously thought. This is owed to the fact that we westerners normally follow the tropical zodiac, not the sidereal zodiac. That’s right, there are two zodiacs. Westerners follow the tropical zodiac, eastern parts of the world follow the sidereal zodiac. To celebrate being a westerner following the tropical zodiac, I thought I’d break out some of our yummiest tropical recipes. We have a whole bunch of delicious ones here at the Family Kitchen, and I think this is just the occasion to revisit them. So, whether your sign has changed or not, break out the pineapples and coconuts and have a fun fiesta for all!

Tropical Food for the Tropical Zodiac

1. Winter Pineapple Salad

2. Pineapple Mango Eton Mess

3. Toasted Coconut Marshmallows

4. Mark Bittman’s Tropical Fruit Salad

5. Tropical Fruit Pops

Photo Credit: Jaime Richardson