Trust Me. You Want This. Take 5 Fudge!


Take 5 Fudge
Photo Credit: Carrie Fields

Last week I was in Seattle, my friend Carrie, brought with her, all the way from Montana, a box of her ridiculously delicious fudge. Yes, we food bloggers, travel with food. Doesn’t everyone? There were no words when you tasted this fudge. Lots of sounds but no words. It’s that good. Trust me. You’ll want this in your life asap. I may or may not have licked the pan when it was all gone. There also might have been tears involved. But no more, because now I and YOU can make this yourself at home.

I can’t thank you enough Carrie! And you’ll  thank her too once you try this. Ready? Grab your baking pan and head over to Carrie’s blog for her TAKE 5 FUDGE recipe!

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