TSA's Biggest Fear: A Red Velvet Cupcake


Over the holiday weekend a teacher, Rebecca Hains, was stopped by TSA at Las Vegas – McCarran International Airport when traveling with her husband and toddler-aged son. Her crime, it appears, was having a red velvet cupcake in her carry-on baggage.

It was not just the cupcake that was the problem, however. It was the fact that this cupcake was in a jar. As someone who has traveled quite frequently in recent months with similar canning jars filled with food, it wasn’t surprising to me that here and there a TSA agent may stop and question the contents of the jar. I have always been allowed to pass with my food-filled jars, though.

This was not the case for Hains, who had her frosted red velvet cupcake confiscated. Furthermore, it appears as if though the frosted cupcake was said to look “delicious” by TSA at Logan airport earlier in Hains’ trip. If you’re traveling, take note: cupcakes in Las Vegas could be considered a security risk.

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