Turkey Chili and Shepherd’s Pie: Two Turkey Dishes You Can Freeze Until You’re Ready to Eat Turkey Again


turkey squash chiliThanksgiving is all about abundance. The week after Thanksgiving is all about clearing out some room in the fridge. I have nothing against the old standby of the turkey sandwich. In fact, if I’m being honest, I may prefer the leftover turkey sandwich to the Thanksgiving turkey itself. But sometimes you have so much turkey leftover that you’re just not going to make a dent chipping away at it one sandwich at a time. The solution–turkey chili with roasted peppers and squash, and turkey shepherd’s pie (or turkey-herder pie in our house (Technically, it’s an apartment.)).

Turkey chili and turkey shepherd’s pie are both dishes that you can really put a lot of turkey into. Moreover, they both freeze really well. That turkey chili is going to be really nice simmering on the stove top when it really gets cold a few weeks from now. Also, with all the work you have in December, it’s nice to have a few homemade heat-and-serve meals ready to go.

Also, here’s a hint. If you do the turkey shepherd’s pie, cut it into servings in the casserole dish before you freeze it.

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