Turkey with Blueberry Pan Sauce & EatingWell Magazine


Continuing the week’s celebration of blueberries, I wanted to share a great recipe from EatingWell Magazine titled ‘Turkey with Blueberry Pan Sauce’.

Honestly, I have made a raspberry pan sauce many times for my Raspberry Balsamic Chicken Breasts but I have never tried blueberries. If you have not taken a stab at pan sauces to liven up your meals, you are missing out on an easy way to add great flavor to your meats. What is a pan sauce you say? Read on..

“Generally speaking, a pan sauce is made by sauteing a meat at high temperature in a skillet, removing the meat, pouring off any excess fat, deglazing the pan with a liquid such as stock or wine, and incorporating the remaining browned material at the bottom of the pan, into a basic sauce.”1

For this pan sauce, I will give you the basic ingredients but will send you over to their site for exact recipe specifications: Blueberries, Shallots, Balsamic Vinegar and Thyme. This sauce was so tasty and your kids should love the sweetness from the blueberries.

Regarding EatingWell Magazine, I first picked it up at the grocery store about two years ago. I started making recipes from the magazine and although I rarely made the recipe exactly as they printed, I found the recipes were always delicious. Since I am a big believer in eating healthy but the food being tasty, I started a feature titled ‘EatingWell Wednesdays’ on my blog. In fact, the magazine followed my Wednesday posts and then featured my blog in their August 2010 issue on newsstands now.

1. Source: Wikipedia

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