Ultimate List of Homemade Girl Scout Cookies by Baking Bites


Lately, you may have noticed some incredible homemade girl scout cookies here in The Family Kitchen.  My colleagues are so creative and so I went on the hunt to see how many other homemade girl scout cookie recipes were out there.

I found and impressive number of homemade girl scout cookies on Baking Bites…..

I found that Baking Bites had an incredible list and amazing photos. No only is making your own cookies fun but you can spare yourself the hydrogenated oils.

Here is what Nicole has made so far:

â– Homemade Thin Mints minty chocolate wafer cookies dipped in chocolate
â– Homemade Samoas shortbread topped with coconut-laden caramel and drizzled with chocolate
â– Homemade Do-Si-Dos crispy peanut butter sandwich cookies with a peanut butter filling
â– Homemade Tagalongs peanut butter cup-like cookies with a shortbread base
â– Homemade Lemon Coolers light, lemony cookies that were retired a few years ago

Which are your favorite Girl Scout Cookies?

Photo by Brooke McLay