Valentine s Day Dinner Ideas: Heart Shaped Pizza


Heart-Shaped PizzaValentine’s Day is finally here, and we’re all racking our brains over what will be for dinner tonight. For those of us with husbands and boyfriends who have thought ahead, we may or may not have dinner reservations tonight. Because I know how my husband is, I made the reservations. He always waits until the last minute, and we’re either in a nice restaurant in the early afternoon or at the last seating of the night, and always in the corner or by the bathrooms. This year, I took the easy route, and made reservations at our local family Italian restaurant.  They’ll have these special heart-shaped pizzas on their menu tonight.

Papa John’s also has the same deal. They have a Valentine’s Day Dinner special for heart shaped pizzas today. A one-topping thin crust heart-shaped pizza is just 14.99. It’s the perfect last minute dinner. If you want to make your own, check my post on homemade Margherita pizza at home here. Just from the crust into a heart shape.

Pair this pizza with some fabulous chocolate, maybe a teddy bear, and a romantic chick flick, and your wife or girlfriend won’t even notice you forgot to make dinner reservations.

Photo: © Susan Ashukian

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