Valentines Desserts to Make You Fall in Love Again


Well, I am newly divorced, and have no intention of falling in love again with my ex-husband for Valentines, but I’ve never thought too much about Valentines Day being about romantic love, but rather a celebration of all the love around me: love for parents, friends, my kids.

It’s also about the food. I admit it. Anything baked, with pink frosting and sprinkles puts me in a happy mood. I get excited every January when boutiques and Williams Sonoma are sparkling with red, white, pink, and heart-shaped bakeware.

So here’s my list of desserts to make you fall in love with your spouse, significant other, or families and friends all over again.

I dare say this chocolate chip skillet cookie could have given me and my ex another shot toward the end. Anything warm and chocolatey, straight out of the oven, topped with vanilla ice cream, is a sure winner.

Pictured above are smooth and silky Crèmes brûlées in the shape of hearts that are sure to delight kids and foodies alike.

Or try these brownie bites, topped with almondy frosting and tart cherries.

For even more ideas, don’t forget to look at these slideshows:

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