Walnut Terragon Chicken Salad for Memorial Day


Chicken Salad

My friend Nicole is the source of many of my favorite recipes. Last fall I was at her house and she made this amazing chicken salad. I am not usually a fan of chicken salad, but I liked this one because it is low on mayo (she used Greek yogurt!) and high in flavor and texture. Turns out she added walnuts. tarragon and generous dose of salt and pepper to her Greek yogurt-mayo mixture to her poached chicken. It is nothing complicated really, just terrific flavor in an easy salad.

When you are planning your picnic this Memorial Day consider this delicious salad. It is true favorite in our house and is great for taking on picnics, boat rides, or just for serving in a big bowl at the table. Have a terrific and delicious holiday everyone!

For recipe please visit The Naptime Chef!