Watermelon Legos on a Stick!


Lego Watermelon

My daughter is all into watermelon these days. She can’t get enough of it! One of the great things about watermelon is that it is so easy to sculpt. Since my daughter is really into legos these days I decided to make them into fun lego pieces. I cut them into cubes and used an apple corer to make the small circles to put on top. She actually tried to stack them when she saw them! To make them like watermelon pops I served them to her on a stick and she ate them like lollipops. Have fun with your watermelon this summer, try making your own legos today!

Watermelon Legos

Cut the watermelon into small or large rectangles. Use an apple corer to make small circles to place on top. Spear the watermelon with popsicle sticks and enjoy!