Wedding Menu Detail Fit For Royalty


bacon wedding sandwich for royal weddingOne of the best weddings I’ve attended to date was an elegant affair in the English countryside. Perhaps one that will resemble the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Maybe I remember the wedding so fondly because I was celebrating such a well-matched couple. Or maybe it was because I got to wear a fabulous hat. (Yes, I brought a huge hat box on a cross-Atlantic plane. And it was worth it.) Or maybe it was because I had the best wedding food experience ever.

Imagine a lovely dinner and delicious dessert followed by drinking and dancing. Now imagine that it’s midnight, and the drinking has been continuous. You with me? Imagine that you look up from your dance partner and find a waiter—on the dance floor—holding a tray of BACON SANDWICHES in front of you. And imagine that you can take as many as you like. (What?! They were small… ish!)

Best. Wedding. Detail. Ever.

So, Prince William and Kate Middleton, are you listening? As you embark on your wedding planning, do your guests a favor and serve bacon sammys as a midnight snack. No cheese. No egg. Just thick cut slices of bacon and mayo on a roll. (That’s how you do it there, right?) It’s fun and joyous, just like you two. Congrats!

Photo by Another Pint Please via Creative Commons permission

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