Weigh In on the Dr. Oz Apple Juice Controversy


When you think about apple juice and any possible controversy surrounding it, you probably think about calories, the obesity crisis and “juice” as a “in moderation” food in general for kids. But what about arsenic in apple juice? It’s probably not something you’ve ever considered and possibly ever heard of. Well Dr.Oz of The Dr.Oz Show has sparked a storm of controversy surrounding a drink that many parents stuff into their kids lunchboxes every day – without thinking twice. But there are two sides to this story. And the biggest question is yet to be revealed: how will parents react to this story? Will you stop feeding apple juice to your kids? Will it stay out of your grocery cart on your next shopping trip? It’s your turn to weigh In on the Dr Oz Apple Juice Controversy..

An apple a day keeps the doctor away…

But how about a glass of apple juice a day?..

Most parents are becoming more and more savvy about what they feed their kids each day. Food labels, guidelines, food recalls and more make it pretty hard for parents to ignore “kid nutrition” matters. But “arsenic” in apple juice? That’s a food label none of us have seen before. ..because it doesn’t exist. You won’t see a “warning, trace amounts of arsenic” label on your kids’ apple juice box. And the FDA says that’s for good reason. The basic argument that the FDA makes against Dr. Oz:

“Dr. Oz’s testing was “erroneous” because he does not differentiate between organic and inorganic arsenic, which is key since only inorganic arsenic is toxic.”’s the organic vs. inorganic question. And the truth is that both sides of the story sound like they make sense. Dr.Oz’s test results are scary. But was his testing misleading due to different “types” of arsenic? The word arsenic is something that sounds frightening. I mean really, do any of us want to be consuming any type (organic or not!) or arsenic? But what is arsenic?..

Arsenic – “Arsenic is a naturally occurring mineral found in soil, bedrock, and water. In its pure form, arsenic is a silver-gray or white brittle metal.  Arsenic has no odor and is almost tasteless.  Arsenic and its compounds have a variety of commercial uses. Manufacturers use arsenic to make other metals, glass, electronic components, and wood preservatives.” arsenic facts

Further questions come to mind when analyzing this news story:
* Do organic and local apples make above-average arsenic apple juice?
* Does local apple cider contain the same levels of arsenic?
* Would Dr.Oz’s test results show up in every apple juice brand – and from apple juiced sourced from all over the world or only certain locations (he specifically discusses China).
* Should I stop buying apple juice?
* Should I even be serving my kids apple juice to begin with – why not just a whole fruit apple instead?

So what do you think? Will you stop buying apple juice? Weigh in!

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One solution: try juicing fresh apple juice from apples you source! Pure Apple Juice.

home-juiced apple juice
home-juiced apple juice