Welcome Babble Voices!


I was so thrilled to see Babble launch the new Babble Voices blogs. Some of my favorite bloggers to read are there. It’s like the all star team come to play on Babble. How fun! 

Meagan Francis, self-proclaimed the happiest mom, is there and she’s all the domestic without the neat and tidy ribbon and bows tied just so. You may not find how to organize your kitchen utensil drawer or how to pick the best color scheme for your table setting, but you will find plenty of real advice and how-tos on “‘good enough’ domestic engineering.”

Start with Meagan’s Canning for Klutzes post, aimed at those of you who may be intimidated by the idea of putting up some of that produce that’s floating around this time of year. She breaks it down into 20 steps. You’ll be canning your own tomatoes in no time. Bonus: Meagan doesn’t clean inside her oven. It’s real up in there.

Plus, we have Martha Stewart’s very own cousin Bertha. Well, second cousin-twice-removed. Or not at all. Still, she’s pretty darn fantastic.