Welcome to The Family Kitchen


family kitchen 2

What you are looking at right here is my kitchen. As you follow this blog, you’ll probably come across loads of pictures of the rest of my family (Abby, 6, Phoebe, 8, and Andy, my husband of a dozen years) and pictures of the rest of the team’s kids and husbands, but the gravitational pull will be towards this 100 square feet in my suburban home, a.k.a Where it All Happens.

It’s where we eat all our meals, of course, but it’s also where I bake birthday cakes while the homework is completed, where the lunches and peanut-free snacks are packed every night (yes, we do it the night before), where we bake cookies with playdates, where the kids sit on the counter and eat chips and salsa as I assemble a stew or a salad. It’s where we eat dinner almost every night and talk about what happened at school — or more likely talk about how little our kids talk about what happened at school. It’s where our friends come at least once every weekend night to drink lots of wine and help us crank out homemade pasta and pizzas. I’m hoping you’ll come over, too. If not on the weekend for dinner, then to Babble’s The Family Kitchen where you will hopefully find lots of inspiration for whatever happens to be going on around the table.  — Jenny Rosenstrach

family kitchen 3