What To Do With Those Gourds in the Grocery Store


Do you walk by the gourds in the grocery store and wish you knew what to do with them? Other than fill a bowl and pop it in the middle of the kitchen table, or let them dry out for next season and make maracas au natural, there’s actually a trendy, quick, fun way to turn that seasonal produce into something pretty! Spraypainted gourds give you a pretty table setting or home decor idea for cheap. And, they’re so easy to make! Here’s three easy steps to getting gorgeous gourds in your house by dinnertime tonight!

  • Gorgeous Gourds! 1 of 5

    Make a pretty table decoration with autumn produce.

  • Step 1: Get a variety of gourds 2 of 5

    Set on a wooden palette or large piece of plastic to keep your area clean after spraypainting!

  • Step 2: Spraypaint them any color you please 3 of 5

    Use fun, fall colors, or get inspired by color combos unique to the season. Purples, greys, even silvers look gorgeous in a bunch, and turn into beautiful party table decorations, too!

  • Step 3: Once Dry, Set out for show! 4 of 5

    Place your dried, spraypainted gourds on moss, burlap, or create a pretty kitchen table runner for a party by placing gourds along the center of the table. 

  • Enjoy! 5 of 5

    Happy Autumn!