What to Eat for a Big Run like the Las Vegas Marathon or White Rock Marathon


Tlas vegas marathon white rock marathonwo big marathons are underway as I type: the Las Vegas Marathon and White Rock Marathon in Texas. The Las Vegas run began at 7 AM PST. The runners, who have the option to run a half or full marathon, get to do their thing on part of the Las Vegas strip. Over in Dallas, this year marks the 41st run of the White Rock Marathon.

By now, the results of both runs are beginning to trickle in but, if you’re reading this, you probably sat out. Next year, right? Whether you’re training for an upcoming marathon or just planning a serious run this week, it’s important to consider what you’ll eat before taking off.

Here’s a round-up of tips on how to keep your body nourished while pushing yourself the way the runners in today’s marathon have pushed themselves. (Congrats to all who ran!)

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Photo: iStockPhoto/ekki