What's For Dinner?! SHRIMP


spicy_prawns_with_herb_yoghurtI know it’s likely I’m not the only one who gets lost in luminescent pages of food blogs, so I’ve created a one-stop round-up of  a few luscious looking posts. Today I’m focusing on shrimp — it feels light and springy to me, and of all seafood, it’s the one that kids seem to be the least afraid of. Check around here, before the day gets ahead of you, and find a shrimp-based dinner recipe that won’t disappoint.

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— Emily Frost

  • I’d never thought of using shrimp for burgers before, but what a delightful idea! This Carolina Shrimp Burger recipe from Coconut and Lime looks just as easy as making a lamb or beef burger – just sub in shrimp and pat into tasty patties.
  • It’s not summer grill season yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have grilled shrimp tonight. Here’s a clever idea from Panini Happy (love a blog with ‘happy’ in the title) that calls for grilling shrimp on your panini press. Caesar Shrimp & Arugula Panini: “Shrimp is grilled on the panini press, tossed in a homemade Caesar dressing and grilled on ciabatta with arugula and shaved Parmesan.”
  • If your kids are already fans of Mexican food, trade shrimp for chicken in their enchiladas. To quote Annie of Annie’s Eats, these Shrimp Enchiladas were “AMAZING!”

But what if your kids won’t eat shrimp? I’m trying to remember what made me brave enough to try this strange slippery food and I think it must have been the cocktail sauce – and I’m sure it was the sauce’s sugary ketchup base that truly won me over.

How did you get your kids to eat shrimp?

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