What's On Their Kitchen Floor?


Kitchens are for living in. One of the most well-used rooms in any house, and the heart of the home, a kitchen floor can take a beating. My own 100 year old hardwood floor is constantly trampled by kids and dogs and well used by me – a messy cook who writes recipes for a living – and it’s time for something new. To help me decide what to install next, I took a peek into the kitchens of some local food and parenting bloggers, to see what they have, how durable it is, and whether or not they like it.

  • Heather Eigler, Home to Heather 1 of 6
    Heather Eigler, Home to Heather
    Heather Eigler, writer, blogger and social media-er at Home to Heather has dark stained oak adorning her kitchen floors - she says it's lovely when clean although with two kids, a husband and assorted animals, it's usually not.
  • Julie Van Rosendaal, Dinner with Julie 2 of 6
    Julie Van Rosendaal, Dinner with Julie
    My own floor is old hardwood - most of it original in our 100 year old house. They have become more thrashed since we got the dog - and over the years of working out of my kitchen, writing for my own blog, Dinner with Julie - but they match the countertops, which were recovered from one of the UofC science labs. You can see in this photo that one of the vents is half covered with cupboards, making it impossible to clean.
  • Jen Taylor, Little Miss Mocha 3 of 6
    Jen Taylor, Little Miss Mocha
    Jen Taylor of Little Miss Mocha has newly inherited maple hardwood in the kitchen of her 6 year old house. She didn't choose or install them, but she loves hardwoods, especially in the kitchen. "So warm in colour and feel - they were definitely on our want list.
  • Voula Martin, Family Fun Canada 4 of 6
    Voula Martin, Family Fun Canada
    Voula Martin, Editor in Chief and founding partner of Family Fun Canada, has 2 year old kitchen floors. "The previous owners of our house installed them," she says, "and while I love the colour, I wouldn't have chosen laminate in the kitchen because there are already dents dings and scratches from me dropping pans, cups and knives on it."
  • Michelle Davies, Everything Mom 5 of 6
    Michelle Davies, Everything Mom
    Michelle Davies, CEO & founding partner of Everything Mom Media Inc. has ceramic title flooring in her kitchen. She doesn't like it. "It's too light and I can never keep the grout clean," she says, "and the little grooves keep dirt sucked into them like it's gold."
  • Dana Wheatley, Calgary Playground Review 6 of 6
    Dana Wheatley, Calgary Playground Review
    Dana blogs at Calgary Playground Review - and this is her kitchen floor. "Hate it." Dana says, "it's slippery if it gets wet, and the tile grout is hard to clean. They also put too thin plywood underneath, so it's cracking."

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