What's Really More Expensive: Farmer's Markets or Grocery Stores?


farmers market

If you think farmer’s markets carry expensive and unattainable organic ingredients that cost more than your local grocery store… think again. In an article by Good Food, studies indicate that many items are much less expensive at the farmer’s markets. There is a perception that the farmer can’t compete with larger production pricing found in chain grocery stores across the country. But according to this regional study, items like cantaloupe, cucumbers, lettuce and peas were as much as 20 percent lower than grocery store equivalents.

Good Food includes eye-opening charts showing the cost comparison between the grocers and the farmer’s markets along with an expert summary of the study. But if you really want to know how the farmer’s markets fair in your area, the best thing you can do is give them a chance. This weekend do some of your shopping at the market. You’ll probably find some deals… but what you’ll really find is great, healthy locally grown whole foods grown with a passion and care that most big food producers and grocers can’t touch.

Let us know where you prefer to shop… the grocery store or the farmer’s market?