When is Super Bowl 2011 Date: Wings Recipes for Your Super Bowl Party!


Sricacha wingsSuper Bowl 2011 is just two weeks away which means it is time to get your menu ready. Super Bowl parties are legendary for having great food and we’ve got everything that you need to make your party a smash hit with your family and friends. What’s the first thing on the menu? Wings, of course! Nearly the official food of football, wings can be made dozens of ways and everyone loves them. We have been wracking our brains thinking of several great ways to make wings and here are a few of our favorite recipes. Print them out now so you are all ready for the party! Need more menu ideas? Don’t forget to check out this amazing list of Super Bowl 2011 Snacks!

1. Classic Hot Buffalo Wings

2. Garlic Hoisin Wings

3. Curried Chutney Wings

4. Sriracha Wings

5. Bat Wings! (a chicken wing recipe)

Photo: Jennifer Leal