When Life Hands You Raspberries, Make Coulis!


Raspberry CoulisThe other day I made raspberry lime tarts with fresh berries from the farmer’s market during my daughter’s afternoon naptime. Sorting through the pint I collected the round juicy ones to be featured prominently on top of the lime curd, and set aside the squished ones for coulis. Even though the bruised berries from the bottom of the heap were kind of sad to look at they were perfectly tasty and I didn’t want to let any seasonal deliciousness go to waste.

Raspberry Coulis is a healthy pureed fruit sauce that takes about two minutes to make and can be used for everything from pouring over pancakes or ice-cream, to stirring into oatmeal or yogurt. This recipe also works well to other berries too, especially strawberries or blueberries.

Simple Raspberry Coulis

2 c. fresh raspberries, it doesn’t matter if they are bruised or mishapen, cleaned and patted dry

1 c. orange juice

3 T. sugar

Juice of 1/2 lemon

Making Coulis: Puree raspberries, orange juice, sugar and lemon until smooth. Pour through a strainer into a glass bowl. Keep in the refrigerator until serving.

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