Where's the Beef? Hamburger Recipes for Hamburger Day


Yes, I said it, and no it is not the ’80s: Where’s the Beef? Today is Hamburger Day and I figured since everyone seems to be up late for the lunar eclipse, we might as well celebrate both.

My family enjoys many types burgers and although the winter is not usually when you think of burgers, we grill them on an indoor grill. My favorite meat of choice is bison or grass-fed beef but no matter your preference, we have recipes to make you drool…

The Mediterranean Bison Burger is unique due to spinach & artichoke hummus as a topping.

If you are a meatloaf lover, you will go crazy for the Grilled Meatloaf Burgers.

And finally, if you love buffalo wings and burgers, this Buffalo Burger with blue cheese spread is your dream come true.