Who Will Replace Regis? Three Favorites that Could Cook Up Some Chemistry With Ripa


With Regis announcing his retirement on air today while a tearful Kelly Ripa looked on, it got us thinking about who could possible fill the friendly, no-nonsense shoes of everyone’s favorite New Yorker.  The gig is fairly new to Ripa, who has hosted alongside Regis since Kathie Lee Gifford stepped down from her co-host spot in 2001.

Live! With Regis has seen a variety of incarnations and changes, but having him leave the show will certianly open the slot for producers to revamp the current show format.  Will they hire a favorite actor? A former child-star? A newcomer? Given America’s newfound passion for all things cooking, we’d like to see the show take on a more interactive feel.  And, what better way to do that than to hire on one of these favorite crowd-pleasing food personalities?  Each one has enough get-up-and-go to hold their own alongside Ms. Ripa, while offering a fresh, new direction for the Live! morning show. 

Live! With Kelly and Adam

Man vs. Food’s Adam Richman has great comedic timing, is a natural with interviewing people, and brings to the table a lively charm and endless passion for food.  He would instill a kick-back energy to the show that would making mornings extra delicious.

If you could pry him away from his Cake Boss bakery, Buddy Valastro might just offer enough Italian charm to turn Live! into a feisty romp.  While his hard-working, new Jersey self might not enjoy sitting still in Regis’ chair for a whole houe each day, his talkative, people-friendly talkability would certianly win him a place in American’s hearts.

A fan favorite from the days of reality cooking gone by, Chef Rock Harper would bring a cool, calm, and collected amount of class to the Philbin gig.  Not to mention kick-arse cooking skills.  The question is, would he have enough chemistry with Ripa to make the combo a winning one?

Regis Philbin is set to retire at summers end.  Until then, all bets are on for his replacement.  Who do you think would make a great combo with Kelly?