Whoopie Pies with Raspberries and Lemon-Scented Cream

Photo: James Ransom

If the end of August means trying to come up with enough projects to get your kids off their electronic devices and fill those last days before school starts, these sweet, pillowy whoopie pies may be just the thing. Because the very best kind of project is one that ends with chocolate, fresh raspberries and whipped cream. Also? I can’t think of a more fitting dessert after a Labor Day barbecue or picnic.

Jenny, who gets similarly frustrated as summer winds to an end and her kids get tired of swimming and camping, posted these over at Food 52. They’re great for a dinner party, she suggests (brilliant!) and advises using good Dutch-processed cocoa as these cakes are pretty chocolatey; and as with all whoopie pies, make sure the blobs of batter are uniform in size, so that they don’t make wonky sandwiches.

If you’re skeptical about the chocolate-lemon combo, Jenny advises it works, and gives a nice gentle push to the cream. But I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you subbed in some vanilla.

You can get the recipe over at Food 52!