Celebrating World Nutella Day with Bella Nutella, a New Nutella Site


mini nutella sandwich cookiesHappy World Nutella Day!  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Nutella, it’s a chocolate hazelnut spread that will blow your mind!  The spread is the creation of Pietro Ferrero, the founder of the Ferrero company.  In the 1940s, during World War II, there was a cocoa shortage due to war rationing.  As a result, there was very little chocolate.  Mr. Ferrero had the idea of extending the chocolate supply by mixing it with ground hazelnuts.

Little did he know, I’m sure, the devoted following that would result from an idea whose sole purpose was to stretch the chocolate supply a bit further.  Today, February 5th, is the day that self-proclaimed Nutellaholics, like myself, come together to celebrate our love for this deliciously nutty chocolate spread.

Even more exciting is the launch of a new site for Nutellaholics—Bella Nutella.
This site proclaims it’s mission as, “All Nutella … All the time!  Celebrating the love of Nutella by featuring creative recipes from around the world!”

The site showcases delectable pictures of Nutella creations, as well as links to the recipes.  There is a blog portion, which will feature Nutella news, where there is currently a post about “How to Snag Nutella Swag!”  The masterminds behind this gorgeous site are Paula, of bell’alimento, and her long-time friend, Christy.

I can’t wait to be tortured by the Nutella goodness that will be shared on this site! I personally will be submitting my Nutella creation for today, Chocolate Nutella Sandwich Cookies.  What are you going to submit?

For more information on how you can submit your Nutella creations to be showcased on Bella Nutella: How to Submit

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