Would You Eat Food From a Test Tube: A Look at GMOs


Writer and former Saveur editor, Katherine Cancila, started looking into GMOs when the FDA was looking at approving genetically-modified animals, salmon specifically, this past September. It started her quest to find out what’s at the heart of GMOs and what it means for her family to be eating or avoiding them.

Genetically-modified or genetically-engineered organisms are altered by the insertion or deletion of genes to make crops that are heartier, more resistant to pests and more resistant to pesticides, among other things. Katherine questioned whether eating food whose DNA has been modified is the right course of action.

As she was already buying several organics, Katherine ultimately decides three sources of action:
1. Buy organic
2. Avoid at-risk ingredients
3. Look for the non-GMO project seal

Read all of Katherine’s points and feelings on the subject of GMOs and her ultimate decision in whether or not they’re safe feed to her young son or not.

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