XOXO: I Love You Valentine Brownies!


XO Brownies

I couldn’t help myself. I already had my X and O cookie cutters out for the pancakes so an affectionate X and O checkboard of blondies and brownies seemed like the very natural next step. I just used very basic brownie and blondie recipes to make these, but you can also feel free to use box mixes if you’d prefer. The fun of these really is in the assembly. They are handled quite a bit before being eaten so you don’t want to make anything too delicate. Here is how I will be saying “XOXO I love you” to my family this Valentine’s Day. How will you say it to yours?

XOXO Valentine Checkerboard Brownies

1 batch regular brownies in a 13×9 pan

1 batch regular blondies in a 13×9 pan

1. Bake each batch of brownies/blondies according to directions in a 13×9 pan and allow to cool completely.

2. Use your cookie cutter to cut the shapes out of the squares. Carefully, cut out brownies and blondies with X and O shapes and place them in the corresponding empty places in the opposite pan.  Repeat until all transfers are complete!