You Don't Have to Be a Strongman to Open That Jar!


Today I have a simple tip that will change your life. Well, at least if you’re a wimp like me who can’t open a sealed jar to save your life. Yeah, I’m one of “those girls” who has to run to someone else to open jars for me! If you do fall into this camp, then today’s kitchen tip will empower you and make you feel like you can tackle the world. And all you need is a humble bottle opener.

How to easily open a sealed jar lid

Place the bottle opener under the edge of your sealed jar lid. Gently lift just until the seal “pops.” The lid will easily twist off without a hitch! And, yes, the lid will screw back on without any problems. You’re welcome.

And when your Go-To Lid Opener wonders why you haven’t asked for help in a while, just tell them you’ve been working out.

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