Yummy, Crunchy Fall Apple Salad


Apple SaladThis salad is so hearty it is almost a meal in itself. In fact, if you added grilled chicken it would indeed the perfect light fall meal. I love to make it using my basic salad guidelines of nut/cheese/fruit and lettuce. I find those three items – nut, cheese, fruit – are critical to adding to greens in order to create a wonderfully flavored salad. Not to mention, salads with these three ingredients are generally fairly healthy as long as you don’t go overboard with the cheese or heavy dressing. Here is my method for making the perfect, crunchy, munchy fall apple salad:

Fall Apple Salad

– Dark Salad Greens like spinach, baby greens or dark mix

– Walnuts (candied or uncandied)

– 2 small apples cut into 1/2″ cubes

– 1/4 c. crumbled gorgonzola

– 1/4 c. of your favorite balsamic vinaigrette

1. Toss all ingredients in a bowl and serve!

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