11 Signs You're a Mom Training for a Distance Event

The Tough Mudder will be more than three times as long as the mud run I did last year. Yikes!
The Tough Mudder will be more than three times the distance of the mud run I did last year. Yikes!

So I’m training for a Tough Mudder. If you’re not up on all of the crazy events out there, the Tough Mudder is a 10- to 12-mile event chock full of obstacles and mud and sometimes fire and electric shocks. If you want a distance or endurance event that’ll scare you into training your butt off, this might be the one for you.

As a mom with two young kids, training for an event of this magnitude has taken a lot of juggling and planning. Basically, every day revolves around three things: naps, meals and gym time. Whereas before, my weeks consisted of a pretty even split of rest days and workout days, now it’s skewed: mostly training days split between cardio and strength, and a couple of necessary rest days thrown in.

The lengths I’m going to to be prepared for this event have me cracking up, mostly because planning anything with kids is tough. I’ve headed to the gym for what should be a 45-minute cardio workout and gotten called back to the gym daycare 5 minutes into the run. Or I’ve gotten two miles into a run and had to go for a run later in the day to get some distance in. I’m doing my best, and on the day of the event, I’ll do my best too, even if my body is super confused about the need to keep going for a few hours rather than getting a break and having to finish the run five hours later.

I’m sure any mom who has ever trained for an event of any length has had her fair share of setbacks and obstacles that have to be overcome. Triathlons, marathons, 10Ks, heck, even a 5K takes time to train. To show you that you’re not alone in the juggling act, I’ve put together a list of ways to know you’re a mom training for a distance event. See if you relate to any of them!

11 Signs You’re a Mom Training for a Distance Event

1. You run sprints while carrying your 25-pound toddler because your real workout time got cut short, and he won’t let you put him down.

2. You think, “At least on race day, I won’t be pushing a stroller. That should help a little, right?”

3. You use playground time as a cross-training opportunity by working on your pull-ups and monkey bar climbing.

4. You only wear workout clothes because odds are you’re working out that day.

5. You stop worrying about getting dirty in the sand and dirt playing with the kids because you think of how gross you’ll be at the event—and you’re likely still sweaty from a workout anyway.

6. You have no time for household chores so you can barely walk around the bedroom because there is laundry everywhere that needs folding and putting away.

7. Your toddler gets hooked on your superfood-packed protein recovery smoothies.

8. You and your husband head to the high school football field to train and one of you ends up at the playground with the kids because someone is having a total meltdown.

9. You prioritize your workouts but don’t always get to prioritize your showers.

10. Your 3-year-old knows you’re headed to the gym so “mommy can exercise.”

11. Every time you lift a stroller or kiddo you think, “This totally counts as cross-training.”

Do you relate? Anything you’d add to the list?

Article Posted 2 years Ago
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