A Toxic Food System: Farm to Fork


It’s hard enough wading through all the choices in the grocery store to put healthy food on your own plate, but it can be even harder when it comes to feeding your kids. You may think you’re doing enough by putting vegetables on their plate at every meal, limiting the number of juice boxes they suck down, and saving treats for special occasions, but are you? This infographic about our toxic food system from Healthy Child, Healthy World shows that more than 6,000 additives and chemicals are put into our food- the same “healthy” food we put in our children every day. It might make you rethink some things.

Some of the highlights:

– The average American child consumes 5 “servings” of pesticides a day

– 9 million pounds of toxic pesticides are used on food farms every year

– Animals raised as food are often fed other diseased animals, hair, manure, plastics, hooves, and more.

– More than 70% of processed foods contain GMOs


Check out the infographic for more food facts and visit for more resources on what to do about this.


Via Column Five for Healthy Child (Re-published with permission.)