If Animals Ate Healthier, Would You Eat More Meat?


gourmet fed animalsIn recent years we’ve gotten used to seeing seemingly foreign items on menus, like chia, flaxseed, and goji berries. Now gourmet foods are on the menus of animals being raised for slaughter too.

I’d be much more inclined to eat a piece of steak if I knew somehow it contained the nutrients of legumes, omega-3 oil, and avocado instead of the standard animal feed mix of corn, soybeans, animal byproduct, and other waste.

I doubt my wallet could afford such a luxury, but for those that can, it’s just another twist in the mix of gourmet dining and improving our health. An example of price is a sprouted grain-fed chicken costing a whopping $20-25 instead of $10. Although the cost to the consumer (and farmer) is higher, the survival rates of animals can be better, due to the higher quality of their diet. Some farmers even use oregano oil to boost their livestock’s immunity instead of resorting to antibiotics. If that doesn’t blow your mind, one farmer in Washington even feeds his pigs weed. Not weeds- weed. As in marijuana. He calls them pot pigs– you can’t pass up a catchy moniker like that I suppose.

While I’m not too sure about personally eating pot pork, I wouldn’t mind a source of food that didn’t come pre-loaded with a dose of antibiotics. I’ll save those for a severe case of pneumonia, thank you very much.