Oklahoma Tornadoes: Finding My Own Way to Help


oklahoma tornadoes fundraiserThere are times when I let things roll over and over in my mind that have great potential to simply stress me out. I can’t concentrate on what I’m doing, I can’t dedicate my full attention to whatever task is at hand, and I can’t fall asleep at night because I just can’t shake the thoughts. Usually it’s not anything important in the long haul, but at the time seems catastrophic. I don’t think I’m alone in this: worrying about what someone thinks about something I wrote, fretting over the way I said something that didn’t come across right, stressing about how I’m going to get all my work done before a trip, etc. You know the thoughts. The useless ones that just get stuck in your head, tumbling around and around like a hamster stuck running on a wheel to nowhere.

The problem is, sometimes those thoughts aren’t trivial or useless. They are the kind that you can’t use helpful de-stressing techniques to wash away, but you can do something about it. That’s what I decided to do about the latest thoughts I couldn’t shake: the destruction and devastation of the Oklahoma tornadoes. The most recent in a horrifying string of disasters, both natural and not. So I decided to turn a negative into a positive. I teamed up with a friend who’s a Stella & Dot stylist. Together we’re hosting a fundraiser to benefit Operation USA, which disperses money to communities and regions in need, like the Oklahoma tornado victims. A portion of all sales (sales, not proceeds) will go directly to Operation USA to help support both Oklahoma and any future cities that need assistance. To help spread the word and garner as much support as possible, we’re also offering a giveaway for every $500 raised.

Doing something productive is just one way to ease stress. How do you “let things go” so they don’t interfere with your mental health?


Learn more about the fundraiser and giveaway on with a Side of Sneakers.