Uh Oh. Are You Drinking More Than You Think?

Moms, are you wining more than you think?When my kids were younger, I worked full-time with a two hour commute and my husband traveled out of town a lot. The days were crazy and that nightly glass of wine became my piece of calm. These days that glass of wine is needed much less often, but it can sure still calm me down after a stressful day.

Wine has several health benefits, including lowering rates of depression. There is that old saying I love that if your glass feels half empty, fill the rest with wine. So who can blame us ladies for having a glass with dinner or perhaps two glasses while out on a weekend? Nobody, right?

Well, what if I told you that your nightly glass of wine was actually two glasses of wine?

That made you pause for a second, didn’t it?

You heard me right. There is a very good chance that we are pouring just a wee bit more wine than we think we are pouring. This is notable news for those who may drink while they are out and have to drive afterwards. It is also valuable for those of us who think we are having just one glass at the end of a long day or week, as well as those who do not want to drink their calories.

Researchers out of Cornell and Iowa State Universities were curious about how environmental cues such as glass size impact our pouring behaviors. They found that drinkers unintentionally poured larger servings when the glass was wider, when pourers held the glass in their hand, and when the glassware matched the wine. (By matching the wine it means white wine in a clear glass and red wine in a tinted glass.)

It should be noted that the study was done at a university, so subjects were students of legal drinking age. I suspect that if the survey were done on moms, the subjects might have poured even more. (Just saying.)

Each of the students selected for the study drank at least one glass of wine a week regularly. They were brought to different stations and asked to pour themselves a normal serving of wine. Researchers used three different sizes of wine glasses. Some stations had a place setting to see if participants subconsciously drank more when they anticipated a meal. Students either poured their wine into a glass they were holding or into glass placed on a table. And to examine glass color, there was either low contrast (white wine in a clear glass) or high contrast (red wine in a clear glass).

So, if you want to actually pour the amount you think you are pouring, go for glasses that are not wide, pour while the glass is on the table and keep the glass color contrast to the wine at a minimum. Pour white wine in a clear glass and red wine in a tinted class. And if you do not have a tinted glass, a little less just to be sure! The study’s results showed that people pour more wine into their glass when glasses are wider, when they were holding their glasses, and when there was low contrast between the glass and the wine.

And if you happen to see me drinking wine out of a measuring cup just ignore me, okay?


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