10 Bizarre Painting of Casey Anthony: She's Free & Very Famous (Photos)

Would You Hang This On Your Wall?


I don’t know about you, but one thing I would not and I repeat not want on my walls is a painting of the most hated mom in America, the one and only Casey Anthony.

But these artists, they disagree. This handful of painters and illustrators have used Casey Anthony as their muse, creating artistic tributes to Casey Anthony.  It’s an eclectic mix of disciplines from oil paintings to pieces that are more folk artsy. But one thing in common they all attempt to capture the essence of Casey Anthony.

Casey Anthony has already been branded as narcissistic, she will no doubt be flattered by these tributes, even though they are all pretty creepy.

Which one do you think is the creepiest?

  • By ACEO 1 of 9
    By ACEO
  • From eBay 2 of 9
    From eBay
  • Casey Anthony Pancake Art 3 of 9
    Casey Anthony Pancake Art
    By Lacey ( who is famous for his pancake art)
  • Folk Art 4 of 9
    Folk Art
    By Joke Frog Productions
  • Portrait By Lacey 5 of 9
    Portrait By Lacey
  • By Jon Baldwin 6 of 9
    By Jon Baldwin
  • By OSWOA 7 of 9
    By OSWOA
  • By JHR 8 of 9
    By JHR
  • Casey Anthony Yoga 9 of 9
    Casey Anthony Yoga
    Art works done for the Orlando Weekly.

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