10 Celeb Boys Who Look Cute With Long Hair (Photos)

Elle Macpherson and son Aurelius

Move over Justin Bieber!

These celebrity kids are sporting the long hair look from a very young age.

If you think these cutie-pies need a haircut, look the other way!  We love their long locks and wouldn’t put a pair of scissors near them!

I keep trying to convince my two boys to keep their hair length but they always want to cut it short – buzz cut no less.  Maybe when they become tweens?

Which famous kids make the top 10 list?

See the photos after the jump.

  • Presley 1 of 10
    Cindy Crawford's son Presley has been sporting long locks.
  • Ryder 2 of 10
    Kate Hudson and rocker Chris Robinson's son Ryder has also been a fan of long hair.
  • James 3 of 10
    Sarah Jessica Parker's son James Wilkie Broderick has the shaggy look - so cute!
  • Tennyson 4 of 10
    Russell Crowe's younger son Tennyson looks adorable with his 'do.
  • Jayden James 5 of 10
    Jayden James
    Kevin Federline's son Jayden James looks adorable with longer locks.
  • Liam 6 of 10
    Tori Spellind and Dean McDermott's son Liam has been sporting longer hair as well as faux-hawks.
  • Aurelius 7 of 10
    Elle Macpherson's son Aurelius Busson usually wears his hair long.
  • Rene-Charles 8 of 10
    Rene Angelil and Celine Dion's son Rene-Charles Angelil look dapper in longer brown locks.
  • Homer 9 of 10
    Anne Heche's son Homer has also been known for his longer hairstyle.
  • Henry 10 of 10
    Heidi Klum and Seal's son Henry had longer locks last summer but is sporting a short hair cut this year.

Photos: PCN and PR Photos

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