10 Celeb Men We Hope NEVER Have Kids! (Photos)

spencer pratt, celeb dads
Spencer Pratt is one celeb who we'd never want to see have kids.

We recently put together a list of 10 celeb women who we feel should NEVER have kids. And now it’s time for the gentlemen of Hollywood.

From Brandon Davis to Spencer Pratt – these men should never reproduce!

Just think about the antics Steve-O would pull with a child of his own. I can’t even imagine the mistakes Kid Rock would make.

Check out our slideshow of the 10 celeb mom who we hope NEVER have children and make sure to let us know how you feel as well!

[Photos via PR Photos.]


  • Joe Francis 1 of 10
    Joe Francis
    He's just a creep.
  • Kid Rock 2 of 10
    Kid Rock
    He'd end up putting whiskey in the baby bottle!
  • Spencer Pratt 3 of 10
    Spencer Pratt
    Need I say more?
  • Dustin Diamond 4 of 10
    Dustin Diamond
  • Brandon Davis 5 of 10
    Brandon Davis
    He's a grease ball.
  • Steve-O 6 of 10
    He'd end up stapling his kid for fun.
  • Nick Hogan 7 of 10
    Nick Hogan
    Nick has a problem driving too fast and I'm sure he would not enforce his kid to use a seat belt.
  • Andy Dick 8 of 10
    Andy Dick
    He's just wacky.
  • Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino 9 of 10
    Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino
    With regular trips to the Jersey Shore, he's not ready for a child - ever.
  • Criss Angel 10 of 10
    Criss Angel
    Criss would end up making his kid disappear and not know how to get them back.


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