10 Celebrity Kids Who Are Only Children (Photos)

suri cruise
Suri Cruise is a famous only child.

When I was pregnant with my son, I can remember telling people that I planned on having three kids. I am not sure exactly why three was the magic number for me at that point, but I’m guessing it was a combination of the fact that I’d had a super easy pregnancy, and since I’d babysat my whole life, I figured I’d be a whiz at the whole parenting thing.

About two weeks after I brought my son home from the hospital, I declared to anyone who would listen that I was 100% done having kids. From that point on, I told people that I was on the “One and Done” plan, and I have stuck to that statement ever since.

My son is five, and yes, he is an only child and will always be an only child unless there is some sort of “slip.” And no, I don’t feel like he is missing out on anything by not having siblings.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much grief I get from people over the fact that I don’t plan on having anymore children. One of the most common questions I hear is, “How can you do that to him?”

I guess some people just can’t resist putting their two cents in on what they think is acceptable as far as having kids goes. However, I can assure you that my son is happy, smart, incredibly well adjusted, and he is not a spoiled brat, as so many only children are often unfairly labeled. Isn’t knowing what I can handle better than having another baby just to please the masses?

I am also an only child, and I think I turned out pretty darn good. I really don’t think that having a sibling would’ve made me any better of a person than I am today, and my son will be just fine without brothers and sisters as well.

Plenty of celebrity kids are also only children. Perhaps the most famous only child in Hollywood is Suri Cruise. Even though she has two half-siblings, they are much older and really don’t provide Suri with the same experience of having brothers and sisters close to her own age. There has been plenty of speculation over whether Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise will have another child, but as of now, Katie isn’t sporting anything close to resembling a baby bump. And it is perfectly ok if they choose not to add any more children to their family.

Here are photos of 10 more celebrity parents with kids who are only children.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  • Liv Tyler and Milo 1 of 10
    Liv Tyler and Milo
    Liv and her son Milo seem very happy together.
  • Michelle Williams and Matilda 2 of 10
    Michelle Williams and Matilda
    Michelle has done an incredible job raising Matilda.
  • Leah Remini and Sofia 3 of 10
    Leah Remini and Sofia
    Sofia, born in 2004, looks like a very well adjusted child.
  • Jenny McCarthy and Evan 4 of 10
    Jenny McCarthy and Evan
    Jenny has not been shy about that fact that she will never have more kids.
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal and Ramona 5 of 10
    Maggie Gyllenhaal and Ramona
    So far, four year old Ramona does not have any siblings.
  • Kate Beckinsale and Lily 6 of 10
    Kate Beckinsale and Lily
    Kate's 12-year old daughter Lily is an only child.
  • Teri Hatcher and Emerson 7 of 10
    Teri Hatcher and Emerson
    Teri and Emerson have always been best buds!
  • Courteney Cox and Coco 8 of 10
    Courteney Cox and Coco
    Coco Arquette probably will never have brothers or sisters.
  • Debra Messing and Roman 9 of 10
    Debra Messing and Roman
    Debra's only son, Roman, was born in 2004.
  • Calista Flockhart and Liam 10 of 10
    Calista Flockhart and Liam
    Only child Liam enjoys a great life with Calista and Harrison Ford.

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