10 Halloween Costume Ideas For 'Teen Mom' Stars Maci Bookout, Kyle King, and Bentley (PHOTOS)

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Maci Bookout wants Halloween costume suggestions.

Now that Halloween is around the corner, it’s time to start planning for Halloween costumes. And Teen Mom star Maci Bookout is hot on path to finding the perfect set for her, boyfriend Kyle King, and her son Bentley.

Earlier yesterday (Sept. 15), Maci tweeted, “Alright people I need halloween costume ideas for me kyle and bentley also.”

In light of the request, I took it upon myself to come up with 10 awesome costume ideas for this family during the Halloween season.

Here are my suggestions:

1. Batman, Robin, and Batgirl

2. Buzz, Woody, and Jessie

3. Harry Potter, Hermione, and Ron

4. Bella, Edward, and Jacob

5. Firefighters

6. Police Officers

7. Beyonce, Jay-Z, and their Womb

8. Simba, Nahla, and Mufasa

9. The Kardashian sisters

10. Sookie, Bill, and Eric from True Blood

Which costume idea is your favorite?

  • Maci Bookout 1 of 18
    Maci Bookout
    Maci Bookout goes back to being a red head!
  • Maci Bookout 2 of 18
    Maci Bookout
    Kyle, please take the picture already!
  • Maci Bookout 3 of 18
    Maci Bookout
    Maci's men: Kyle King and Bentley.
  • Maci Bookout 4 of 18
    Maci Bookout
    Mommy and Bentley riding a train in the mall.
  • Maci Bookout 5 of 18
    Maci Bookout
    All bundled up for the winter chill.
  • Maci Bookout 6 of 18
    Maci Bookout
    I'm so sleepy.
  • Maci Bookout 7 of 18
    Maci Bookout
    Maci and Bentley taking off!
  • Maci Bookout 8 of 18
    Maci Bookout
    What's going on?
  • Maci Bookout 9 of 18
    Maci Bookout
    Mom, can we get a dog too?
  • Maci Bookout 10 of 18
    Maci Bookout
  • Maci Bookout 11 of 18
    Maci Bookout
    Are Maci and Kyle getting married? I'm still rooting for her and Ryan to get back together.
  • Maci Bookout 12 of 18
    Maci Bookout
    I'm ready to find some fossils!
  • Maci Bookout 13 of 18
    Maci Bookout
    Mom, can we get some soda and chips?
  • Maci Bookout 14 of 18
    Maci Bookout
    All clean, mom!
  • Ryan Edwards and Bentley 15 of 18
    Ryan Edwards and Bentley
    Ryan and Bentley share an intimate moment.
  • Maci Bookout and Kyle King 16 of 18
    Maci Bookout and Kyle King
    Maci and Kyle are having an important conversation.
  • Ryan Edwards and Bentley 17 of 18
    Ryan Edwards and Bentley
    Ryan brushes Bentley's teeth.
  • Maci Bookout and Bentley 18 of 18
    Maci Bookout and Bentley
    Maci kisses Bentley goodbye as he heads to his dad's house.

[Photos via Twitter.]



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