10 Reasons Beyonce Won't Be Giving Birth Anytime Soon

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Beyonce may not be giving birth until February!

There’s so much hype on the internet that Beyonce gave birth to a baby girl named Tiana-May Carter last night. Twitter users even posted a few fake photos to add fuel to the fire, dubbed as “first baby photos.” But we have strong belief that Beyonce will not be giving birth until February.

Think about it, Beyonce’s tummy was flat as a board in August when she performed in her latest concert. At that point, she was 3 months pregnant at best – making her not due until February.

And let’s not forget that Beyonce is a very smart woman. She’s been in the business for 10 years or more. And remember how secretive her wedding was back in 2008? Trust us, it will be a total surprise when Beyonce gives birth. She knows how to work the media, and she’s definitely succeeding.

Take a look below at 10 reasons why Beyonce won’t be giving birth until February!

  • Public Announcement 1 of 10
    Public Announcement
    Beyonce made such a spectacle with her pregnancy announcement, it seemed overly planned.
  • Timeline Doesn’t Add Up 2 of 10
    Timeline Doesn't Add Up
    Here in August, Beyonce HARDLY has a baby bump. Usually, they start showing at four months. She's have to be around 2-3 months here which means the earliest she could give birth is February.
  • Absentee Father 3 of 10
    Absentee Father
    Jay-Z was spotted at a basketball game on Wednesday (Dec. 28). If your wife is Beyonce and it's a high profile birth, you wouldn't be relaxing at a basketball game.
  • The Shrinking Bump 4 of 10
    The Shrinking Bump
    Remember when Beyonce's baby bump shrunk on that video interview? Well, rumors say that she purposely put extra padding in her belly to fake out the paparazzi on the timeline of her pregnancy.
  • Mixed Messages 5 of 10
    Mixed Messages
    Beyonce released a music video that was filmed in September, and claimed to be six months pregnant at the time. But why was she flat as a board in August?
  • Disappearing Act 6 of 10
    Disappearing Act
    In several of Beyonce's music videos, she's either full throttle pregnant or flat as a board.
  • Why Is Her Family In NYC? 7 of 10
    Why Is Her Family In NYC?
    Just because Beyonce's mother and sister are in NYC does not mean she's giving birth. Solange lives in Brooklyn and Beyonce and Jay-Z live in the city as well.
  • The Media Hype 8 of 10
    The Media Hype
    The media is doing exactly what Beyonce wants them to be doing. Everyone is assuming she's due ANY day now. But she's really just on bed rest, hiding from the public for the next two months when she can secretly give birth.
  • She’s Been MIA 9 of 10
    She's Been MIA
    Beyonce hasn't shown her face in a full month. She's hiding out so everyone thinks she really gave birth.
  • The Hospital Factor 10 of 10
    The Hospital Factor
    The hospital has denied many times that it is prepared for a high profile client.

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