10 Reasons Jennifer Aniston Would Hide A Pregnancy (Photos)

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Jennifer Aniston may be carrying her first baby!

Rumors have been swirling for months that Jennifer Aniston is carrying a baby!

While there has yet to be any confirmation, we have spotted a slight bump on Aniston during her latest appearance with beau Justin Theroux and friend Orlando Bloom. And did we mention that Jennifer recently purchased a $21 million mansion to possibly expand with a family?

There are more reasons pointing towards an actual pregnancy than not and we’ve come up with 10 reasons why Aniston would hide a pregnancy! Because let’s face it – we all would love to see Jennifer Aniston pregnant!

Take a look at our 10 reasons she would hide her bun in the oven below!

  • Reason #1 1 of 10
    Reason #1
    Jen and Justin Theroux's relationship is on the rocks. Announcing a pregnancy before she knows where their relationship stands would just look foolish.
  • Reason #2 2 of 10
    Reason #2
    Celebrities usually wait at least three months before announcing a pregnancy. Seeing as how Jen is in her early 40's, anything could happen to the baby. She may be choosing to wait longer for health purposes.
  • Reason #3 3 of 10
    Reason #3
    Jen wants to dodge the media frenzy that would envelop a pregnancy announcement.
  • Reason #4 4 of 10
    Reason #4
    Jen would like to deliver her baby in peace and quiet. Seeing what Beyonce went through and how many people got angry over her hospital stay, Jen would be wise to keep the entire pregnancy a secret.
  • Reason #5 5 of 10
    Reason #5
    It has been reported that Jen wants to take a break from acting. But if that weren't true, she may be hiding her pregnancy in order to take in as much work as possible. A lot of producers shy away from pregnant actresses.
  • Reason #6 6 of 10
    Reason #6
    She may not want to scare Justin Theroux away. Justin was with his last woman for several years and they didn't have children. Jen may be afraid that Justin doesn't want kids.
  • Reason #7 7 of 10
    Reason #7
    Rumors are swirling that Angelina Jolie is pregnant. Jen may not want to get mixed in with that love triangle - yet again!
  • Reason #8 8 of 10
    Reason #8
    Jen is friends with Sandra Bullock. And we all know how Sandra kept her baby a secret until he arrived. Whether Jennifer decides to adopt or has a baby in the oven, she may want to announce the news when her baby is in her arms!
  • Reason #9 9 of 10
    Reason #9
    Reports have suggested that Jen wants Brad Pitt back. If she were to announce a pregnancy, Brad may think his chances are over and further solidy himself with Angelina Jolie.
  • Reason #10 10 of 10
    Reason #10
    Jennifer just simply like to stay private. She'd keep a pregnancy personal and to herself.

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