10 Reasons 'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Should Have Waited To Have Another Baby (Photos)

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Leah Messer is pregnant with her third child.

When MTV first introduced the Teen Mom franchise to America, it was serving a purpose to de-glamorize the idea of getting pregnant as a teenager.

Week in and week out, we see these moms struggle through their daily lives, finding a place to live, juggling school, and dealing with custody issues – not anything that someone in their late teens would want to deal with. But now comes the news that Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is pregnant again and happier than ever. So what message is she sending her fans?

Leah is in a five-month relationship with her new boyfriend Jeremy Calvert. But after a measly 150 days together, they have decided to get engaged and have a baby.

Didn’t Leah learn anything from her first round of marriage and babies?

Leah was first introduced on the show as she was expecting twins with then boyfriend Corey Simms. The two got married, dealt with various medical issues pertaining to their daughter, and eventually got divorced. Who would want to go through that again? Why can’t Leah just wait a few years before getting married and having a baby with her new man?

These and many other thoughts ran through our mind as we found out the news of the impending wedding and pregnancy.

Below, take a look at 10 reasons why we think Leah Messer should have waited to have another baby!

  • Two Is Enough 1 of 10
    Two Is Enough
    Leah was blessed with her twins, but adding a third to the mix will just be too much. Have you heard that "three's a crowd?"
  • Rushing It 2 of 10
    Rushing It
    Jeremy and Leah have only been dating since August 13, 2011. That would put them in a barely 5-month long relationship. How could they possible be ready for marriage... and a baby?
  • Honeymoon Phase 3 of 10
    Honeymoon Phase
    Leah and Jeremy are still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship. Most relationships hit a roadblock at two years in. Either you make it past it or you don't. Babies will add more stress to the relationship.
  • Big Spender 4 of 10
    Big Spender
    Leah already proved that she's bad with money, spending over $500 on the twins' first Christmas. Considering they won't even remember their first holiday proves that she is irresponsible with finances.
  • Prior Commitments 5 of 10
    Prior Commitments
    Whether the 'Teen Mom' cast knows it or not, they are helping drive down the national average of teen moms. Seeing this show helps teens see that it's not easy to be a young mom. But having Leah get pregnant again proves that she doesn't regret getting pregnant so young. Kailyn is a much better role model by getting a 5-year birth control device.
  • Messy 6 of 10
    Kids are messy. Just ask Melissa Gorga.
  • Shaky Grounds 7 of 10
    Shaky Grounds
    Leah had two cases of infidelity with her former husband Corey Simms. She should ride out her relationship with Jeremy and see if he's "the one" before having a baby.
  • Relying On Others 8 of 10
    Relying On Others
    Leah often relies on her mom and family members to help her with the twins. If you can't manage two on your own, why bring a third to the mix?
  • Jealousy 9 of 10
    The twins are bound to get jealous of a new infant in the house.
  • Other Priorities 10 of 10
    Other Priorities
    It looks like Jeremy Calvert enjoys playing video games a little too much. When will he have time to raise a baby?

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