10 Reasons Why Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Should NOT Have Any More Kids

Should Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Have More Kids?

Okay, there is a new rumor rocking the celebrity bump watch community, a community that we at Babble are very much immersed in.  And it’s a doozy. The rumor is that not only is Angelina Jolie pregnant but that she is, get this, knocked up with twins. Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it (especially since the rumor came from the tabloid OK!) and she’s been seen on the red carpet looking incredibly skinny. If she is pregnant with twins, I have no idea where she is hiding them.

But this begs the question. Should Brad Pitt and Angelina procreate and welcome more children into their hectic lives? Yes, we know we have NOTHING to do with their decision, but here are ten reasons why Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt should NOT have any more kids.

  • They Already Have Six 1 of 10
    They Already Have Six
    Seriously, once you go beyond six kids, you go delve into a whole different kind of family structure. Six seems almost manageable, but let's say Angelina was indeed pregnant with twins, that would be eight kids, that's a whole lot of family.
  • Theyre So Busy 2 of 10
    Theyre So Busy
    Trying to manage quality family time for anyone is hard. Throw in busy film careers, appearances, award shows and intense charity work, and there isn't much time left to spend time with family.
  • It Won’t be Good for Their Relationship 3 of 10
    It Won't be Good for Their Relationship
    Kids can be draining on a relationship, you give so much to your children that there isn't much left for your partner. Adding more kids into the mix would be less time for Brad and Angelina as a couple.
  • The Kids They Have Now Need Their Attention 4 of 10
    The Kids They Have Now Need Their Attention
    Forget the kids they could have, they should focus on the kids they already have.
  • Do They Need More Chaos in Their Lives? 5 of 10
    Do They Need More Chaos in Their Lives?
    They've both talked about how their lives are in chaos with living with so many kids. Do they really need to make their lives crazier?
  • The Hollywood Curse 6 of 10
    The Hollywood Curse
    Growing up in this kind of limelight isn't easy for anyone, bringing more kids into the circus that is Hollywood could be a blessing for some but a curse for others, especially kids. Angelina being a product of Hollywood should know this first hand. Does she really want to subject more kids to growing up with so much attention focused on them?
  • Give Money Instead of A Home 7 of 10
    Give Money Instead of A Home
    If they feel strongly about making a difference in children's lives, perhaps they should give money to orphanages or children's services organizations instead of bringing more children into their crazy world.
  • Paparazzi 8 of 10
    Just subjecting the kids to the none-stop paparazzi should give them pause! The kids become hunted, not unlike a turkey during Thanksgiving. It's a scary thing but a reality for those Jolie-Pitt kids
  • Just Because They Can, Doesn’t Mean They Should. 9 of 10
    Just Because They Can, Doesn't Mean They Should.
    Just because they're genetically awesome and they have the resources to take on more kids doesn't mean they should.
  • If They Do, They Should Adopt 10 of 10
    If They Do, They Should Adopt
    But if they do plan on adding to their family, they should adopt again instead of making more babies. As they both know, there are plenty of children out there who need a good home. And even though the Jolie-Pitt house is crazy, it's better than nothing and any kid could do a whole lot worse!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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