10 Reasons Why Brad Pitt Should Win An Oscar (Photos)

Brad doing his best Harry Potter.

Could you imagine Brad Pitt‘s acceptance speech at the Oscars if he won for his role in Moneyball? It would go something like this:

“Uh, yeah, well, I’d like to thank the Academy, the producers of the film, everyone who worked on Moneyball, Angie, uh, my family, just everyone in my life right now. My life is so different then, uh, it was before. I was just, uh, so depressed when I was married and bored when I was living in Hollywood and doing nothing and driving my expensive four-wheelers and doing donuts in the sand in Malibu.”

When the camera would pan to Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux for their reaction to Brad’s speech, he would then quickly mumble, “But it wasn’t you, it was me. It was the old pot head me,” while Angelina would slow clap with approval. “Now my life is fulfilled. Thank you, HATERS!”

Actually, before the Brangeloonies start snarking at me for poking fun at Brad’s diction (you know who you are), I honestly think Brad should win an Oscar this year. He is Hollywood elite and has had great success in his long career and definitely deserves the recognition.

Check out our photo gallery and the top ten reasons why we think Brad should go home with the little golden naked skinny dude and tell us what you think.

  • Reason #1 1 of 10
    Reason #1
    Because we want to see Brad Pitt unleash his inner Harry Potter and accept his Oscar on stage with these glasses on.
  • Reason #2 2 of 10
    Reason #2
    Another reason why Brad should win? Because we want to hear his acceptance speech. Oh, the words that would come out.
  • Reason #3 3 of 10
    Reason #3
    Brad Pitt is the most recognizable name in the industry. We might not see it now, but he is a legend.
  • Reason #4 4 of 10
    Reason #4
    But quite honestly, he does deserve the recognition. Brad is the Hollywood dream: he started off wearing a chicken suit part time and is now partners with the most beautiful women the world.
  • Reason #5 5 of 10
    Reason #5
    Brad winning an Oscar would definitely elevate him to permanent Top Tier status. It's not that he would ever be rated down to B List, but you never know.
  • Reason #6 6 of 10
    Reason #6
    Angie already has an Oscar, so this would level them up a bit.
  • Reason #7 7 of 10
    Reason #7
    Ben Affleck has an Oscar. Matt Damon has an Oscar. How come Brad doesn't have one yet? Something's not right about that.
  • Reason #8 8 of 10
    Reason #8
    Because how fun would it be if our favorite actress Melissa McCarthy came up and gave him a big slobbery kiss on stage? That would be a golden Oscar moment.
  • Reason #9 9 of 10
    Reason #9
    Because we miss the clean shaven, good looking Brad. Maybe he would finally drop the Jack Nicholson look if he finally scored the golden naked dude.
  • Reason #10 10 of 10
    Reason #10
    Because all the Brangelooines out there would finally give the comments section a break (you know who you are). But then again, they probably won't.

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