10 Reasons Why Super Dad Tom Brady Should Win The Super Bowl (Photos)

The yummy Tom Brady

Let’s face it: aside from the modeling, the endorsements, the beautiful women, and never having to shave, the man can flat out throw the football.

Tom Brady is going for his fifth Super Bowl win along with the New England Patriots and well, let’s just be blunt here: they should win.

Sorry New Yorkers, but it doesn’t look like 2012 is going to be your year.

Check out our photo gallery and the top ten reasons why Tom Brady should let his hair down and say “I did it, I’m going to Disney World!” this evening in Indianapolis.

  • Reason 1 1 of 10
    Reason 1
    "I don't know that there's anything you could possibly say that's negative about him," Eli Manning of the New York Giants recently said. And if that's your opponent saying nice things about you, then you know you've got it made.
  • Reason 2 2 of 10
    Reason 2
    He wears and endorses UGGs. I mean, what other athlete does that?
  • Reason 3 3 of 10
    Reason 3
    New England's future Hall of Fame quarterback famously said his play in the AFC Championship game "sucked" moments after earning his fifth trip to the Super Bowl and has since promised Patriots owner Robert Kraft that he'd play better. The last thing the Giants want to see is a motivated Tom Brady.
  • Reason 4 4 of 10
    Reason 4
    If the Patriots win, that means Boston is going to light up after the Super Bowl and this blogger here thinks the city deserves a great, drunken win.
  • Reason 5 5 of 10
    Reason 5
    Because he is gifted, because he has the supermodel wife, because he plays for a team that grinds out 12 and 13 wins every single year, and because he plays for a team that slaps around the Jets every year.
  • Reason 6 6 of 10
    Reason 6
    For most guys, keeping properly groomed is a tedious part of life. If your hair grows too long, you look ridiculous. If your hair is cut too short, you look ridiculous. Tom Brady still manages to look gorgeous in this picture.
  • Reason 7 7 of 10
    Reason 7
    Because off the field, he is just one snappy dresser, almost like the David Beckham of the NFL.
  • Reason 8 8 of 10
    Reason 8
    Because his wife, Gisele Bundchen, asked us to pray that her hubby win his fifth Super Bowl championship. When a Brazilian supermodel asks you to pray, you do it.
  • Reason 9 9 of 10
    Reason 9
    Aside from the modeling, the endorsements, the beautiful women, and never having to shave, the man can flat out throw the football. 'Nuff said.
  • Reason 10 10 of 10
    Reason 10
    Whether you like him or not, let's admit it: because he is just flat out sessy. Yum.

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