10 Reasons Why Taylor Armstrong Should Take A Break From Real Housewives

See ya, Oklahoma!

Here’s something that we could all probably agree on: reality television star Taylor Armstrong should definitely take a break from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for a season or two.

Actually let me re-word that: Taylor Armstrong should either quit or get fired from the show.

Ever since the untimely death of her ex-husband, Russell Armstrong, Taylor has been on an emotional rollercoaster and she hasn’t stopped. The stress, the criticism and the media backlash while she’s been trying to promote her new book clearly isn’t helping her or her daughter Kennedy find any normalcy after Russell’s passing.

Even Lisa Vanderpump‘s former house guest, Cedric Martinez, agrees that it’s time Taylor goes. He told gossip blog, “”She’s on a roller coaster fueled by lies, guilt, grieving, self-loathing and insecurity. My advice to Taylor: quit the show, focus on your recovery and Kennedy’s upbringing. And quit trashing the memory of your dead husband. Physical abuse is always wrong, but publicly destroying the memory of your only child’s dead father is also wrong.”

Love him or hate him, I’ll say one thing: I agree with him 100%. Check out ten of our top reasons why it’s time we say good-bye to Taylor’s Real Housewives career and let us know if you agree or not. One of them involves Brandi Glanville


  • Why Taylor Should Quit 1 of 10
    Why Taylor Should Quit
    The number one reason why Taylor should quit the RHOBH is pretty clear: it's obvious that this show has done nothing positive for her or her daughter, Kennedy. It aired out all of her dirty laundry that unfortunately her daughter will read or Google one day.
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  • Not A Good Role Model 2 of 10
    Not A Good Role Model
    If Taylor really cared about her daughter's welfare, she'd get out of the public eye. Why subject her 5-year-old child to such hurtful commentary and criticism about her parents?
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  • One Hot Minute 3 of 10
    One Hot Minute
    Publishing a book so quickly after the death of her ex-husband? It's disgusting behavior, if you ask me.
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  • Time Off 4 of 10
    Time Off
    After going through such an emotional roller coaster with Russell's suicide and all the drama on RHOBH, Taylor should take a break and concentrate on being a mother, not a celebrity.
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  • Media Scrutiny 5 of 10
    Media Scrutiny
    Taylor has been getting a lot of criticism from the press which is obviously not helping her image at all. Doesn't she see that?
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  • Bullying 6 of 10
    We're sure all of this celebrity exposure isn't helping her daughter make new friends at school and might even subject her to some unwanted bullying.
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  • Respect 7 of 10
    If she had any respect for the man that was the father of her child, she'd quit the show that led to his ultimate suicide.
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  • Vacation 8 of 10
    Taylor should take this time to go on a vacation and not go on a media tour to promote her new book that no one is going to read anyway.
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  • Normal Life 9 of 10
    Normal Life
    Actually, the best thing for Taylor to do is pack her bags and leave Beverly Hills behind for her native Oklahoma in order to get away from all the madness. But unfortunately, we don't see her doing that.
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  • Reason Number One 10 of 10
    Reason Number One
    Actually the real reason we'd like to see Taylor Armstrong leave the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is so she can open up a full-time spot for a more deserving housewife, Brandi Glanville!
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