10 Things You Didn't Know About David Arquette (Photos)

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Here are 10 things you didn't know about David Arquette.

Last night (Sept. 19), David Arquette made his dancing debut on the season premiere of Dancing With the Stars. And even though he only earned 18 points out of 30, he was a fan favorite – especially among his daughter Coco and estranged wife Courteney Cox who were in the audience that night.

And now that David is back in the spotlight, coming off of the successful Scream sequel, Scream 4, I thought I’d dig a little deeper to find out some interesting facts that a lot of people may not know about the 40-year-old actor.

Take a look at the slideshow below to see 10 interesting facts about David Arquette!

  • Courteney Cox and Coco 1 of 10
    Courteney Cox and Coco
    David tweeted earlier today (Sept. 20), "Nothing was better than seeing my daughter jumping up and down, screaming for her daddy! That was worth all the hard work alone. I was so touched that Courteney was there and so sweet. She's my biggest fan as I am hers. I am so grateful for her friendship and Love! We will always remain best of friends."
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    David Arquette
    David Arquette can relate to Chaz Bono because his sibling Alexis also went through a sex change.
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    David Arquette
    David loves to knit.
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    David Arquette
    Propr Collection clothing is a venture between David Arquette and Ben Harper.
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    David Arquette
    Arquette serves as Chair of the Entertainment Council for Feeding America, the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization.
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    David Arquette
    David is a one-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion.
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    David Arquette
    The band The Black Math Experiment produced a tongue-in-cheek song about Arquette's acting and wrestling career entitled, "You Cannot Kill David Arquette".
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    David Arquette
    Arquette has appeared on The Howard Stern Show many times, including multiple times as the show's celebrity intern.
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    David Arquette
    David first made his appearance in Hollywood in the TV series 'The Outsiders.'
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    Courteney Cox
    Arquette married actress Courteney Cox on June 12, 1999.

[Photos via Pacific Coast News.]