10-Year-Old Maria Aragon Covers "Born This Way": Gets Lady Gaga's Attention! (VIDEO)


Lady Gaga’s new single Born This Way has made a huge splash (and even some controversy) in the last few weeks since it has been out. She performed it at the Grammy’s…after arriving in an egg…and it’s already become a hit.

10-year-old Maria Aragon liked the song, too. So much so that she put a video on YouTube of herself playing the keyboard and singing the song. Maria is from Winnipeg, Canada, and she  is now a certified YouTube sensation – her video received more than a million hits… in just 1 day! She now has over 5 million YouTube hits on her video!

Thursday on Twitter, Lady Gaga herself posted a link to Maria’s YouTube video and told her Twitter followers: “Can’t stop crying watching this. This is why I make music. She is the future.”

You can watch Maria’s YouTube performance here…it will give you the chills!

Shortly after her overnight sensation, she was interviewed by Winnipeg Free Press – you can see the interview below. She said she’d love to be on the Ellen Show. Ellen has already seen her video after Lady Gaga posted it on Twitter. “Thank Gaga I saw this,” Ellen said as a reply to Gaga’s tweet. Wonder if Maria will get her wish? I sure hope so!