12 Awkward Family Photos: Celebrity Edition! (Photos)



Ashlee and Jessica Simpson


It wasn’t all perfectly coiffed hair, expertly applied makeup and that red carpet smile and these photos prove that. Celebrities, prove again that they are just like us,  they too have had their own fair share of awkward family photos.

The anonymous and unknown (read=not famous) family photos on are hilarious. But who are those people?  Here is a collection of a dozen photos of awkward family photos from names you would recognize like Julia Roberts, Pink and Ashlee and Jessica Simpson (at left). Check out the rest of these adorable and yes, awkward family photos here.

  • Pink and Sibling 1 of 11
    Pink and Sibling
    Chocking hazard.
  • Mom to Be Alyssa Milano 2 of 11
    Mom to Be Alyssa Milano
    Early pin up pic!
  • Miley Cyrus and Her Dad 3 of 11
    Miley Cyrus and Her Dad
    Yeah, that's kinda creepy.
  • The Duggars 4 of 11
    The Duggars
    But whose baby is it? Jim & Michelle's or Josh & Anna's?
  • Natalie Portman 5 of 11
    Natalie Portman
    She looks great, even in a towel turban!
  • Kate Beckinsale 6 of 11
    Kate Beckinsale
    Her and her first car.
  • Sandra Bullock 7 of 11
    Sandra Bullock
    Then=Embracing mother earth. Now=embracing motherhood.
  • Julia Roberts 8 of 11
    Julia Roberts
    Be careful with that baby!
  • Mom to Be LIly Allen 9 of 11
    Mom to Be LIly Allen
    A very, very sad clown.
  • Angelina Jolie and Her Big Brother 10 of 11
    Angelina Jolie and Her Big Brother
    He's pretty stoked his sister is Angelina Jolie.
  • The Kardashians 11 of 11
    The Kardashians
    Yes, a Ninja Turtle will always make a family photo bit awkward.

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Photos: Via Celebrity Kid Photos and Awkward Family Photos

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